Problems I Have With Harry Potter

Well played, madame.


While watching Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets tonight, I found a lot of issues with this fiction that I feel must come to light.  There need to be some changes up in this place. I understand that these people live in the Wizarding World, but they are also members of my planet.  They can be doing so many things for the good of all mankind!

Does Hogwarts even teach their students world history? Not the history of freaking magic, but straight up history of this planet. Wars, famine, apartheid. Do they even care? Could they not have used magic to stop some of the horrible and tragic events that have occurred? Simple example, the Holocaust. Sure, I’ll start with the big guns. Why not? Couldn’t some magical soldiers have driven their brooms to Europe and stupefied the Nazis? Would that have been too much trouble? How about the…

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