When You Feel as Lost as your Characters.

I don’t even like those two words. They feel like a lie. A crappy, cliched lie. Writer’s Block? No, I could write easily. It might be garbage, but I could pump out worthless, hollow content all day. (See: E.L. James)

Here I sit, one chapter away from completing my Post-apoc novel I’ve been lovingly slaving over for two years. One damned chapter. It’s not even the last chapter for Mad Max’s sake. It’s not because I don’t know what to write. I have already outlined what it should be. I just don’t feel that what I decided it should be does the story justice. Woe is me! (First world non-nuclear fallout problems.)

Well, screw it. I’ll wait. I’ll wait for it to be right. Every day I wake up and claw my mind for ‘le mot juste’ so to speak, hoping the perfect idea will pop into my head on how to reinvent the end of this one character’s arc.

Maybe, Hopefully, one day I’ll have deadlines to fulfill. When that day comes, I’ll force it out, butcher’s cleaver edit it and come up with what will at least satisfy me. Until that day comes I’ll just enjoy the freedom that comes with being an utterly unpublished novelist– the time is all mine. Now I just have to hope I don’t get hit by a bus or have an anuerism until then. At least there’s no motorcyle-driving flail-wielding wastelanders chasing me.


I Fully Had an Award Show Moment.

Sooo good!!


I fully had an award show moment and I was the Susan Lucci. Sort of.

When my friend, Steph, told me I was writing a play with her this past November, I thought, ‘Ok. Sure. Whatever.’ I know that artistic pursuits can get lost in the shuffle of other responsibilities, but Steph holds you to you word. An idea isn’t just an idea; it’s a project that will be completed. So we sat in a Starbucks, laid out some details for our play, and started a Google doc.  Throughout the next few weeks, we’d take turns writing and revising. When we were dragging our feet, we had my boyfriend set a strict deadline. The script was  done in January. Maybe it’s kind of cute and funny, I thought, but I wasn’t sure. While I was looking for a new career, Stephanie was submitting to play festivals. We got into one…

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