I Fully Had an Award Show Moment.

Sooo good!!


I fully had an award show moment and I was the Susan Lucci. Sort of.

When my friend, Steph, told me I was writing a play with her this past November, I thought, ‘Ok. Sure. Whatever.’ I know that artistic pursuits can get lost in the shuffle of other responsibilities, but Steph holds you to you word. An idea isn’t just an idea; it’s a project that will be completed. So we sat in a Starbucks, laid out some details for our play, and started a Google doc.  Throughout the next few weeks, we’d take turns writing and revising. When we were dragging our feet, we had my boyfriend set a strict deadline. The script was  done in January. Maybe it’s kind of cute and funny, I thought, but I wasn’t sure. While I was looking for a new career, Stephanie was submitting to play festivals. We got into one…

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