Looking forward to ITW’s Thrillerfest/Pitchfest in NYC!

Every year around this time, ITW (International Thriller Writers) has a downright awesome conference in NYC called Thrillerfest. I look forward to it year round, honestly.

This year, I’m attending Pitchfest, (which is tomorrow) a speed-dating book-pitching agent-meeting bonanza! I didn’t even know it existed until this past year, which is probably just as well because my MS, Hood, was not nearly where I wanted it to be at that time. Basically, if you have a completed manuscript and want to try your hand at pitching it to seemingly endless numbers of agents, this is the place.

So yeah, I’m pretty amped about it. I’ve prepped everything, been working on my pitch, (which I’m sure is still a work in progress, like everything) and am trying to keep my head from exploding in anticipation.

If any of you folks are going to ITW Thrillerfest 2015, feel free to let me know, or say hi to me while I’m there! There’s a picture of me on my about page over yonder. I’m just about the friendliest guy around, and love chatting with other writers or editors or whoever you may be.

So yeah, I’ll be there, trying not to explode from excitement, trying to soak in knowledge from whoever I can. Good luck to any of you fine folks attending!

-Evan Pickering

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