Destroying the Cycle of Tearing Yourself Down

Brilliant Blog on Destroying Self-Doubt

Some Actor

Yesterday I went through an “irrational day”. What this looks like for me is a hibernation of introspection. I dove right into the quagmire of human emotion and self doubt, violently tearing apart all of the choices in my career. I held them up to what I perceived as the light of truth, trying to find the next grain of sand to mix into my foundation. All I found was a reflective pool of negativity. Showing only my deepest insecurities, body dysmorphia, and illogical thoughts. This sent up a red flag because this is an abnormal and damaging mindset. This is something that happens to us artistic types and can trap you in a horrible shame spiral.

Here’s how I get out of that crazy nonsense 🙂

Fist thing I did was get sweaty. I hopped onto my bike and rode around for a while, not thinking about anything but…

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