It’s Finally Done.

For all of you friends, loved ones, and strangers who have shown enthusiasm for my book, I say to you:

Carrier has arrived. Battlecruiser operational. Hell, It’s about time.

After what feels like an eternity, Hood, Book 1 of the American Rebirth Series is just about ready to launch.

At this point, all that’s left is making some decisions for publishing rights, and procedural stuff like writing a blurb, etc etc.

I’m excited. I’m nervous. I feel a compulsion to edit more.

But at some point, you got to set it free. Trust in your own hard work. Embrace the end.

So I’m happy to announce the book should be live very, very soon. Probably within the next few days.

Thank you all for your support and well-wishes.


Evan Pickering

Hood Cover Final 4.png


4 thoughts on “It’s Finally Done.

  1. Evan, this looks AMAZING!!!! Can’t wait for the launch. I love what you wrote here. Go get ‘em, sonny!!!

    Love you soooooo very much. xoxoxox, One Proud Momma

    • Hey engineerscanwritetoo,
      I had an older one. I’ve been working on a new one today. This is what I have, let me know what you think:

      Hidden away in the mid-Atlantic countryside in the small town of Clearwater, a group of survivors led by a young marksman named Hood and an ex-cop by the name of Whiskey live peaceful lives two years after the collapse of American civilization. Raging through the remnants of the northeast, two kings, the Kaiser and the Crusader, fight a war for control of the land.

      Finding safety in obscurity, Hood, Whiskey and the Clearwater crew steal just enough from the Kaiser to keep the town going. But they cannot stay hidden away forever. . .

      For reasons he doesn’t understand, Hood is pulled into a war he wants no part of. A war he cannot stop, a war that puts the lives of those he loves most on the line. Kind-hearted, Idealistic and a goofball at heart, Hood must face the stark reality of violence and ruthless survival that defines the new world. If he does not find the darkness inside himself, his loved ones and countless other survivors will become part of the innumerable casualties in the new dark ages.

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