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Thanks to Leticia for reviewing my book! Check it out here.

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Genre: Post-Apocalyptic Fiction
Publisher: CreateSpace
Date of Release: January 13, 2016
Pages and Format: 276 pages; .mobi
My Rating: 3 Stars

I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

“Hood’s life is gone. No more student loans, house parties, video games. The world is now a place of pure survival. Lucky for him, he’s pretty damn good with a gun in his hand. Learning to live with pulling the trigger is something else, though.

Two years after the collapse of American civilization, hidden away in the mid-Atlantic countryside in the small town of Clearwater, a group of survivors led by a young marksman named Hood and an ex-cop by the name of Whiskey have found security in obscurity. Raging through the remnants of the northeast, two kings, the Kaiser and the Crusader, fight a war for control of the land.

Hood, Whiskey and the Clearwater crew survive…

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STOP…Promo time! (dances)

There comes a time in every man’s life when he has to run a promotion for his book.

And my man I mean man or woman. And by man or woman I mean an author.


So anywho, I was pretty excited to run my first stack promo for HOOD. Here’s the lowdown:

I’m selling around 20-22 books a day before all this stuffs. I’m getting around 13,000 pagereads a day.

Day 1  4/21/16, KCD sale, HOOD is $0.99, no promos. This is my control in the scientifical sense. Extra scientifical.



Day 2, HOOD is still $0.99 with the KCD, Promo sites: ROBINREADS and EbooksForFree

SALES: 118


Day 3, HOOD is still $0.99 with the KCD, Promo sites: BOOKBARBARIAN and EreaderNewsToday

SALES: 242


Total money spent on Promos: $70.00  breakdown: (30 ENT, 20 BookBarbarian, 20 Robinreads)

Total books sold during promos: 360

Took a lil bit of a hit on KU pagreads, but no idea if that was due to the promotions or not.

But I more than doubled my control on day 2, and more than quadrupled it day 3. If I subtract my control from each day (assuming that many people would’ve bought my book on amazon anyway) I still sold 254 books (presumably) in total via the promotions. That means I came out quite a decent bit in the black, in the pure profit sense. My gross profit more than doubled the money I spent on the promos.

As for my ranking? Highest so far:



Conclusion? BOOYA. In the words of the Firebat: Slammin’.

Now I’m excited to see what the ‘long tail’ of this is. Let alone the rest of the KCD!

-Evan Pickering


HOOD on sale for 0.99$! The Promo begins.

I’m excited. Maybe too much so.

High expectations and whatnot.

Today begins my second-ever Kindle Countdown Deal, and HOOD is on sale for 0.99$ for a few days to begin it! I’m very curious to see how it fares, now that the book has a goodly bit more visibility.

I’m also running an “experiment.”

Today is my “control” if you will. KCD begins, 99c, to test how many sales it gets without any promotions. Au natural, what can you do for me, Amazon?

Tomorrow and the day after, I have some stack promos lined up. Promotions for my book will be on BookBarbarian, RobinReads, Ebooksforfree, and Ereader News Today. Those will be my “variables” which I hope of course fly through the roof. 😀

So I’m very excited and interested to see what the short and long term results of promotional visibility will be for the book, after it’s been hurled out before the eyes of so many readers!

I’m going to do a write-up on the results after it’s all said and done, I think. Some of my fellow Kboarders have done the same and I’d love to share my experiences and whatever information I can gather.

*puts on lab coat, evil goggles and cackles maniacally*

Now all I need is some menacing lightning.


90 Days In. . .

Well, here we are.

1337246230_the last of us

It’s been 90 days already. My first Enrollment period of KDP Select is complete. January 13th I nervously clicked the “Save and Publish” button on my debut novel HOOD feeling like there was so much I didn’t know. 90 days of marketing and research, here I am a hell of a lot more knowledgeable on the industry. So, time to look back at my results.


F***ing awesome.


Can’t really figure another way to say it. To call it surreal is a bit of an understatement. Yeah, It’s not the #1 book on Amazon or anything. But hell, being in the top 2,000 is most of the way there.

My graph of results from my first 90 days (I know my launch day, Jan. 13th is cut off by Amazon for some reason, rest easy though I sold 0 books and had 0 page reads 😀 )


Flump yeah.

By the numbers

Books sold: 1,515

Estimated KU Pagereads: 765,000

Books sold/Day: 16.8

Highest Rankings: #1,248 Paid in Kindle Store, #8 in Metaphysical & Visionary Sci Fi, #13 in Post-Apocalyptic Sci Fi

Final Thoughts

I have yet to do any real paid promos, exception being two Goodreads Giveaways. One coincided with my KCD (Feb. 14th-20th) and the other I started a week or so ago and has yet to complete. The extent of my marketing has been grassroots social-media style on twitter and Facebook, reaching out to people both known and unknown to try and spread the word.

While I don’t yet fully know where my results land on the greater spectrum of Indie Authorship, from what I can gather this is pretty rare. I count myself lucky it came out this well… yes, I worked my ass off on writing my novel, but I made my cover myself (with the help of Gertie from Apocalypse Whenever for her photoshopping skillz) and that could’ve been a disaster as I don’t know what I’m doing in that department… I got a lot of support from Evan C. of FromTheWastes on Twitter as well as for sharing his insights with me.

All that being said, I’m damn proud of the book and how it’s been received. Having readers reach out to me over the book has been incredible. I know now the best thing I can do is focus in on writing BOOK 2, and everything else is secondary. But I’m excited and curious what the future will bring, and whether or not these kinds of numbers are sustainable.

Thanks for reading. And remember, when traveling back in time, be very careful not to squish anything.

-Evan Pickering


I am humbled!


pickering hood small


(American Rebirth Series book 1)

Evan Pickering

guest post by Evan C.

Genre: Science Fiction

Sub-genre: Post Apocalypse

Novel, novella, short story: Novel

Serial or stand alone: Serial book 1 of American Rebirth series

Setting: Mid-Atlantic countryside.  Post-apocalyptic America.

Characters: Hood, Whiskey, Taylor, Kerry, Ian, The Kaiser.

Synopsis: A Legend is reborn in the American apocalypse.
Hood’s life is gone. Student loans, house parties, video games . . . gone. The world has become a place of pure survival. Lucky for him, he’s a natural with a gun in his hand. Learning to live with pulling the trigger is something else entirely.
Over two years have passed since the collapse of American civilization. Hidden away in the mid-Atlantic countryside rests the small town of Clearwater, where a group of survivors led by a young marksman called Hood and an ex-cop by the name of Whiskey have found security in…

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