HOOD on sale for 0.99$! The Promo begins.

I’m excited. Maybe too much so.

High expectations and whatnot.

Today begins my second-ever Kindle Countdown Deal, and HOOD is on sale for 0.99$ for a few days to begin it! I’m very curious to see how it fares, now that the book has a goodly bit more visibility.

I’m also running an “experiment.”

Today is my “control” if you will. KCD begins, 99c, to test how many sales it gets without any promotions. Au natural, what can you do for me, Amazon?

Tomorrow and the day after, I have some stack promos lined up. Promotions for my book will be on BookBarbarian, RobinReads, Ebooksforfree, and Ereader News Today. Those will be my “variables” which I hope of course fly through the roof. 😀

So I’m very excited and interested to see what the short and long term results of promotional visibility will be for the book, after it’s been hurled out before the eyes of so many readers!

I’m going to do a write-up on the results after it’s all said and done, I think. Some of my fellow Kboarders have done the same and I’d love to share my experiences and whatever information I can gather.

*puts on lab coat, evil goggles and cackles maniacally*

Now all I need is some menacing lightning.


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