Writing a Sequel: To the Readers of HOOD

Writing a sequel is very, VERY different than writing the first novel.

Especially when that first novel has had no small amount of debut success.

I’m the first to admit I read all the reviews when they come up. I’m always looking for feedback, for one–and also I just enjoy the positive reinforcement so much when it happens. It’s so interesting seeing what people liked or didn’t like about the book, how they felt about the ending… etc.

It’s easily something you can get lost in. Everyone loves and hates different things, and you can’t please them all. My goal is the same as it always was: to write a story that excites me. To write something I love, and to trust that others will love it too.

One of the things I’m most excited about in writing BOOK 2 are some major events that get me fired up, parts of the story that I just can’t wait to see become real.

I think the readers of HOOD are going to love them too. Regardless of how you felt about the events of the first book.

Just to play teaser here, I think the details are there in the first book that the reader might be able to piece together some of the things that will happen in book 2 and moving forward in the series.

That is, of course, coming from an author’s perspective where I know everything that’s going to happen, lols.

More than anything, I just want to write a continuation of the story that will be even better than the first. I know the stigma sequels can have sometimes as always being second best to intro novels, but I’m pretty sure this one is going slam the pedal down from where HOOD took you.

Really, I can’t wait. This summer shall be the summer of writing. My blood is boiling already, baby.


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