180 Days of HOOD.

6 months.

It’s been pretty incredible, all things considered. Without any pomp and circumstance, here are the two graphs of my first 180 days:


The huge spike in mid-April is my one stack promo. Sales were great for a long while, they’ve tapered off a bit lately. I’m not sure if this is summer slump or if I need to get my ass in gear doing better advertising. Time will tell, I’m sure!

By The Numbers

Keep in mind, these are inexact calculations. I don’t have the energy to exactly count out the number, lol. But if they’re not exactly right, they’re quite close. If I’m wrong, I’m probably wrong on the lower side, I’d rather be short in calculation than over-estimate.

Books sold: 4,389 (approximately)

KU Pagereads: 1,800,000 (approximately)

Books sold/Day: 24.4


What’s Next

I’m hard at work on WHISKEY, Book 2, trying to get it out as quickly as possible. I’m more than halfway done. I know the old adage ‘the best marketing is writing the next book’ so I’m trying to take that to heart.

Frankly, the drop-off in sales I’ve had the past few days (not graphed) has got me in a panic a little bit. I’m trying not to get too crazy about it, and just accept that it’s summer and books have natural ebbs and flows.

Part of why I wanted to post this is to take a step back and appreciate what this has been, and to give me some big-picture perspective. I’m immensely proud of the book and everything that’s happened.

Also, I’m working with a voice actor right now creating the audiobook for HOOD. I’ll write more about that soon, I’m absolutely ecstatic with his work so far and I can’t wait to get it out there. It’s so cool getting to hear your story narrated.

Anyway, thanks for all the love and support along the way everyone. I really appreciate how much people have done for me to help me get where I am.


-Evan Pickering


4 thoughts on “180 Days of HOOD.

  1. Regarding the drop off. It happens buddy to everyone. I have out about 20 books and it seems that books that are in KU have this range. Call it the 3 to 6 months sweet spot before they drop to around 15-40k rankings.The only way to up that again back into the 1 to 10k rankings is via advertising but its never the same as it is in those first 2 months.

    There is a peak in there and then it tapers off. It’s two fold ( One there are tons of new books being published every month vying for exposure which pushes other books down. Two a large chunk of the Amazon readers seem to read in that 6 month window. In an ideal world we could be in KU and on iTunes, Kobo, Barnes. But i have gone wide and gone fully in KU and 70% of my money comes from KU and 30% from actual sales. I found that KU works because we are living in a generation that is NETFLIX oriented. People want more for less and KU gives them that. Not to say great results can’t come from going wide it’s harder and usually you have to give away your first book. )

    As for reviews. Dear me i have seen my fair share of doozies and its tough to see those lower ones but not everyone is going to like the same music. Right now you have carved out quite an audience which is cool.

    I think you have done very well Evan with your first book. Much success to your brother with your second. I for one enjoyed your first book.

    • Yeah, I think KU fits well in the paradigm of subscription-for-entertainment model that is very popular these days. I love KU, I don’t know if I’d ever go wide. I’d have to be making up ALOT of sales in order to make it worth it.
      I’ve been really happy with the reviews and even the bad ones i’m totally cool with, it’s good to get the insight of what people don’t like just for perspective.
      Thank you for your kind words, I’m glad you liked the book, I can’t wait to get BOOK2 done and into the hands of readers!

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