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Evan is an avid writer, former pro poker player, current basketball enthusiast and cheese addict who’s loved stories and storytelling for as long as he can remember. He is a goofball who loves the little things in life, and loves every minute he’s been jammed here on this earth. His public identity is that of a high school English teacher, and is in secret a crime-fighting post-apocalyptic author (don’t fact check me on this.)

Evan placed 7th out of thousands of entrants in the 76th Annual Writer’s Digest Writing Competition in the Mainstream Fiction category for his short story Serenaded.

The author of the American Rebirth Series and Hymn of the Ancients Series, Evan’s debut novel Hood became an Amazon Kindle Store #2 Bestseller and had nearly 2 Million Kindle Unlimited in its first six months of release.

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5 thoughts on “About The Author

  1. “The apocalypse probably wouldn’t be a good time to write, so lets do it now.”
    This kind of confuses me (although I completely agree with it). How does it relate to your wordpress?

  2. Tangentally, I suppose 😀 It’s been the blog title since I opened the blog a few years ago, and well, It’s a blog about writing PA fiction so I figured I’d poke a little fun at the theoretical end-of-the-world.

  3. Congrats Evan – Always happy to see someone succeeding in the self-publishing market. I’m also 100% with KDP Select – it took a while to decide, but I’m glad I did. I never made as much money on the other platforms as I do with the KU borrows. Wishing you continued success!

  4. Thanks Deanna! There’s certainly something pretty amazing about the amount of power given back to the people when it comes to success in self publishing nowadays. I’m grateful I live in a time where this is even possible! Yeah KDP select is pretty amazing. I’ve made more royalties from KU reads as well! It’s pretty close to 50-50 on sales and KU reads but honestly when you think about how the KU system works like a Netflix for books, it’s a brilliant thing to be a part of.
    You too, though it looks like you’re kickin’ tail aplenty already! 😀

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