Entertaining (and Short) Heather Graham Interview!

Good friend of mine and author-superstar Heather Graham just did a HuffPost interview about herself as a writer and her new book. It’s quite entertaining. She’s also a ridiculously talented and successful author for y’all who don’t know her!

Heather Graham Huffington Post Interview.


Some quick hitters:

  • She’s published over 150 (WHAT?) books.
  • She wrote her first novel on a typewriter that didn’t have an “E” key. I would’ve thrown up.
  • Her choice of 5 people alive or dead for a dinner party is…unconventional lol.

Alright, have a good weekend everyone!

-Evan Pickering


Part 2 of My Podcast Interview!

Hi E’rebody!

Mike Sanford, operator of the Introverted Indie Author Podcast just posted PART 2 of my interview with him!

Honestly, this interview was so much fun, Mike is such a good guy and so easy to talk to. I’m very grateful he asked me to come on, and It’s super fun (and a little bit anxiety-inducing) listening to yourself be interviewed 😀

Really, it was so much fun that we talked for nearly 3 hours and had to split it into two pieces. So without further ado, part 2:



Thanks to listeners for joining us in this foray into writing and uber-nerddom. You guys rock.

Oh, and here’s PART 1 in case you missed it.

-Evan Pickering

I got Interviewed for a Podcast!

Hey everybody!

I recently was interviewed on the Introverted Indie Author Podcast with host Michael Sanford, it was tons of fun.

I found out he was a fellow comrade in arms in nerd-dom and in indie authorship, he’s an awesome guy and a great host. Definitely most fun I’ve had on an interview.

On the site:


Direct link:


Check it out, let me know what you think!

I go into depth on my experiences with writing and editing and publishing and advertising, along with various nerdy topics.

Enjoy you bloodthirsty monsters!