HotA Vol. 2: Blood of the Demonheart Kickstarter (50% funded!)

I’m excited to announce that I’ve launched the Hymn of the Ancients Vol. 2 Kickstarter this past week, and it’s already 50% funded!

The novel is already near completion, just in the final editing stages at this point, and if you join the Kickstarter you’ll get a chance to get Blood of the Demonheart two months before amazon release!

I’m thrilled to be continuing the saga of Leo Anglian and his companions. If you want to more, click the link or check it out below!

Much love,


LAUNCHED: Hymn of the Ancients Limited Edition Hardcover Kickstarter!

It’s alive, It’s ALIVE!!!

(Oh and by the way… It’s my birthday! Wooooooooooo yeaaaaaaaa)

After a lot of prep and legwork, I’m so excited to share the launch of my first Kickstarter campaign as an author. Behold, feast thine eyes:

Hymn of the Ancients: Hardcover Kickstarter!

How sweet it is.

I’m really excited about this, hoping it blows up, but we’ll see how far it goes! I’m excited for Kickstarter as a publishing platform, and hoping my first foray will be a smashing success.

So if you’re interested, please sign up and back the campaign! You get an awesome epic fantasy story, I get a birthday present 😀

Much love all,