New Release! American Rebirth Trilogy BOX SET for Kindle


It took me a bit to get around to doing this, but I have created and formatted the Kindle TRILOGY BOX SET for the American Rebirth Series!


I’m pretty psyched ’bout it.

What’s Included:

  • HOOD (Second Edition, complete with 1.5 new chapters and updated content) Book 1 of the American Rebirth Series
  • LEGENDS Book 2 of the American Rebirth Series
  • AMERICAN REBIRTH Book 3 of the American Rebirth Series

All up to date, compiled and neatly tucked together in one magical compendium!

It’s on sale Now at Kindle for 9.99$, $2 savings compared to buying them each individually.

Not gonna lie, it feels pretty nice seeing them all together like that. Makes me feel like an ice cream sundae inside.

Enjoy! Share it with yo peoples!

-Evan P.

It’s Coming…It’s Almost Here…



The cover for Book 3 is hot off the presses, thanks to Jeff Brown Graphics. Jeff was awesome to work with for these new covers for the books, and I absolutely love they way the cover for American Rebirth came out.


In the category of great news, I’m very near completing the first draft. I’m at about 75,000 words. The book should probably be a little north of 80,000 when it’s done.

Once it’s done, I’ll get to work editing, run it by my beta readers, and it’ll be on the [virtual] shelves.

I’m so freakin’ excited. I’m ready for it to be out there. It’s been a long time coming.

Unfortunately I was stricken with the flu a few weeks ago so it slowed down my progress, but I’m rolling now. I want to see if I can finish the draft by the weekend, which would make me a very happy panda. Even if it’s not totally done, the progress I’ve made this week filled me with joy.


I’m taking part in a post-apoc giveaway promo in a few days, and I may be releasing American Rebirth for pre-order a few weeks in advance. I have yet to decide if that’s strategically the best option for me but I’ll let you know. Ah the glamorous life of Self-pub. Really, though, I love it.

Enjoy your weekend y’all!

-Evan P.

HOOD on sale for 0.99$! The Promo begins.

I’m excited. Maybe too much so.

High expectations and whatnot.

Today begins my second-ever Kindle Countdown Deal, and HOOD is on sale for 0.99$ for a few days to begin it! I’m very curious to see how it fares, now that the book has a goodly bit more visibility.

I’m also running an “experiment.”

Today is my “control” if you will. KCD begins, 99c, to test how many sales it gets without any promotions. Au natural, what can you do for me, Amazon?

Tomorrow and the day after, I have some stack promos lined up. Promotions for my book will be on BookBarbarian, RobinReads, Ebooksforfree, and Ereader News Today. Those will be my “variables” which I hope of course fly through the roof. 😀

So I’m very excited and interested to see what the short and long term results of promotional visibility will be for the book, after it’s been hurled out before the eyes of so many readers!

I’m going to do a write-up on the results after it’s all said and done, I think. Some of my fellow Kboarders have done the same and I’d love to share my experiences and whatever information I can gather.

*puts on lab coat, evil goggles and cackles maniacally*

Now all I need is some menacing lightning.