But, You’re Such A Baldwin…

Blam. Truth.


via msnbc.com via msnbc.com

My fellow Long Islander, Alec Baldwin, had announced his official retirement. Not from acting (thankfully. I need more SNL appearances…bring back ‘Canteen Boy’), but from the public. After gaining world-wide fame in the 80’s, 2 high profile marriages, 2 beautiful children, an angry voicemail heard round the world, and a cancelled MSNBC talk show, Alec has had more than enough.  In a 5,000 word essay published in the February 24th issue of New York Magazine and on their blog Vulture, Baldwin qualifies his decision citing the media as the main reason. His most recent public troubles revolved around his reported homophobic remarks for which he was publicly ambushed.

Now, Mr. Baldwin is an incredibly opinionated fellow and his candor had gotten him into hot water time and time again. Even in this essay, as told to Joe Hagan, Baldwin mentions and reviles many public figures including Anderson Cooper…

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