It’s a Long, Long Road

Man, that kills me every time.

Writing, like in life, you’ve got to be able to laugh at yourself–Not take everything so seriously. As writers, we usually take our writing pretty damn seriously. It means all that and a bag of chips and salsa to us.

But at the end of the day, we do it because we love it. Because it’s fun to create. Because we were the kids that loved to play pretend in the backyard. Because we love storytelling, we love stories, we love new worlds and experiences, and we want to share our own with the world.

Me, I know I’m obsessed with storytelling. Reading books, watching movies, playing video games, writing stories. Maybe too much so 🙂

It’s a long, long road. With writing and with life. You’ve got to be able to enjoy the process. If find myself recently  (both in writing and life)getting so caught up in the goal that I’m not enjoying the process.


New Cover!

I’ve been fixated on finally publishing my novel. I keep saying “after this edit, it will be done!” But I’m still learning, I’m still improving. I know the work I’m doing in the editing process is making it a more complete, better story. I have to honor that. I told myself I’d have this thing published by the end of the year.

It was my new years resolution, if I remember correctly.

I hope to be able to do that. But if I can’t, to hell with the resolution. I’d rather tell my story right then hit an arbitrary deadline. After all, I’m working for myself.

It’s fun in a sick way, working on editing a book. There will be a day when I look back on this experience with this book fondly.

So take a deep breath, wherever you are in your life or in your writing, accept there’s a long road to be traveled yet. Enjoy it.

-Evan Pickering


3 thoughts on “It’s a Long, Long Road

  1. It’s like you’ve cloned my brain… This is exactly the situation I find myself in. In a way, participating in NaNoWriMo is killing my motivation. I may even have written less than usual!
    When I start a writing project, I’m enthusiastic. By the middle I’m tempted to write “The End” and give up. That’s one reason I like writing short stories. You’re only there for the exciting part.

    • I think many writers are birds of a feather in this regard. I’ve never tried NaNoWriMo, and while it intrigues me I think the idea of gutting out a novel in a month makes me cringe. I just need way, way more time! I think its a good thing if you just treat it like motivation and you don’t get hung up on the deadline.
      Yeah, short stories are wonderful for that single-serving inspiration 😀

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