One month in. . .

It’s pretty easy to get addicted to looking at your Amazon sales page. I have to admit, I’ve become pretty engrossed in the process of checking the sales page, the reviews, the book‘s overall ranking as well as category ranks… Where it shows up on keyword searches.

It’s pretty fun, I won’t lie. It’s also been nothing short of amazing getting to hear from people about the book. You work so hard on something for so long and you keep telling yourself “keep working, keep improving it and one day you’ll be able to stand by it proudly.”

It’s awesome to be here, now.

So in typical stats nerd excitement, here is my graph for exactly one month:


I’ve been pretty happy with the results of my marketing. Though as with everyone selling a book, it’s pretty hard to tell what sales are the result of marketing and what is just organic buys. I think I’ve done pretty well getting it visible so far, though.

By the numbers:

Books sold: 196

Kindle Unlimited pages read: 91,599

That’s 6.3 books bought per day and 2,955 KU pages read.

Now I’ve got a Goodreads Giveaway going, so let’s see what that does!

Happy reading e’rebody!

-Evan Pickering


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