I figured it’s about time.


Fear not, intrepid readers of HOOD. I am hard at work on WHISKEY and I hope to have it drafted by the end of summer! I’d love to have it published by then, but alas, the procedural side of writing strikes again. Editing and publication will take some time.

I still hold out hope I can kick it into another gear and have it published by then. We’ll see.

30,000 words. That’s how much I have written. I did the outlining & storyboarding at the end of May when my semester ended, so for all you mathmagicians out there, I averaged about 1,000 words/day in June.

Didn’t even need a calculator. 😀

Based on my rough estimations, the book should be around 80,000 words. Again, for you math types, that makes me about 40% done.

If you’re looking for better news, the past week or two the amount I’ve written per day has definitely accelerated. I’m getting into a groove, I can feel it. I’ve decided to set my new, aggressive goal for July at 2000 words/day. That’s a big jump from my low-pressure 500 words a day setup, but I think given how much easier it has been to sit down and write lately, I think it’s a good idea.

Time will tell.

The best news of all is I love what I’m writing. I honestly think it will be better than HOOD. I had some nervous author-doubts about that going into writing this book. But it’s been so fun to write and the story is coming together beautifully (from my perspective.)

So there you have it. Update finished. Back to writing.

*pull-starts chainsaw*

– Evan

2 thoughts on “BOOK 2 UPDATE!

  1. Enjoyed reading Hood, I’m sure we will enjoy Whiskey too! Hope you stay on track for getting it published. We will read it as soon as you are finished!!!

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