Brand New Cover for HOOD!

After some time deliberating and hand-wringing about how much I love my homemade covers, I finally decided to invest in some professionally made covers.

Because it’s about time. While I am proud of my covers, for what they were, and as a creative maniac I love being able to design them myself–but reality is given how well my series has done, I’m doing them and myself a disservice by not having professionally made covers.

So, I contacted Jeff Brown, who designs covers and graphics, and started working with him on a design. After he dealt with me asking for a thousand different things, we have reached a finished product:



So what do you guys think? How does it stack up to the old cover? I haven’t put it up yet, since I’m deliberating on whether I should wait for the cover for LEGENDS to be done as well so I can change them both at once, or just do it piecemeal.

Part of me just wants to put it up now, because I’m excited about it. But I know for branding purposes it’s probably better to wait.

I hate waiting.

Anyway, I’m excited about the art. Feel free to share your thoughts with me!


7 thoughts on “Brand New Cover for HOOD!

  1. Well, risking to be hateful Johnny Raincloud, I prefer the original cover. Not that this one’s bad; just not my cup of tea. This one wouldn’t have “buy with one click” effect on me. I find it generic, even a bit off-putting. With all due respect to Mr. Brown, I prefer your creations, however lacking to your eyes.

    • Your feedback as always is apprecaited Patricija! It’s not Johnny Raincloud, I appreciate how much you support the things I’ve made. These covers are something of an experiment for me. I personally love my old covers, but I’m interested to see if this improves sales–yes it is a bit more generic and genre-relevant, but often for marketing purposes that is actually useful. As any good author knows you gotta kill your babies sometimes, so I’m taking the leap for the sake of my series to see if professional covers will do better than the ones I’ve made. I do think this new one is gorgeous as well, tbh.
      Anyway, suffice it to say, if I find I’m not selling more with these covers I’ll go back to my old babies. Thanks for hitting me up and letting me know what you think, as always I truly do appreciate it.

      Evan P

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